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Lookout Tower

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Cache National Forest and Preston, Idaho, from our scenic lookout tower. Unwind in luxury amenities while surrounded by nature, and savor the convenience of an on-site bathroom and a firepit for delightful outdoor cooking of hot dogs, s'mores, or Dutch oven delicacies. Embrace a truly unforgettable and serene getaway in this captivating oasis.

lookout tower firepit.png

Fire-pit on site


Luxury Amenities


Stunning Views


Tower Loop Trail

Embark on an exciting adventure with just a short 3.5-mile trail leading to our lookout tower. Whether you prefer your 4-wheel drive vehicle, side-by-side, RZR, four-wheeler, or simply using your feet, the journey up to the Lookout Tower promises a thrilling and memorable experience. Take in the stunning views of the Cache National Forest and Preston, Idaho, and make unforgettable memories along the way.

Open to all our guests!

Get ready for an awesome adventure at the Lookout Tower – it's your ticket to non-stop fun! Whether you're hiking up the trail, riding up on horseback, or tackling it side-by-side with friends, the top rewards you with a jaw-dropping view that'll leave you in awe. We've got an outdoor fire-pit – imagine the laughs that await with your family. Inside, sink into comfy couches with a view that's basically a masterpiece. Oh, and don't miss the outdoor bathroom – yep, we've got that too! It's all about creating unforgettable family bonding moments in the coolest way possible.

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